“A great doc…wise, warm, funny, open, and more interested in life as it’s actually lived than any other to debut this summer.”

“Witty, touching and at times brutally honest.”

“The film’s heart is hard to resist . . . there are many glimmers of truth in Davenport’s painful but beautiful documentary about becoming a parent.”

“Compulsively watchable!”

“Brave, romantic. critical, tender…If this is narcissism, we need more of it.”

“Film is her life, and the art of one helps her understand the complexities of the other.”

“Honest, raw, endearing…what I selfishly adore about First Comes Love is that it is both sperm donor movie AND a single woman who tries to have a baby on her own movie, and it’s the only one that has ever gotten it right.”

“Davenport holds nothing back…her willingness to show it all ultimately makes First Comes Love the most human of stories.”

“Davenport turns matters of the heart into a brave, relatable adventure about forging a new family and understanding the one she already has.”

“It’s ultimately a movie about coming to terms with reality, rolling with the punches, and loving what’s in front of you, even if it’s not quite the way you imagined it.”

“Refreshingly frank and funny…after watching you’ll want to thank your mother.”

“Nina holds nothing back… she’s refreshingly frank and funny about the trials that women endure in order to get pregnant, give birth, and manage the early years of parenting.”

“Relatable, raw, and inspiring…offers an engaging and ultimately heart-warming slice-of-life of a woman in New York City who is motivated by love to have a child on her own.”

“An honest portrayal of motherhood in 2013 – narrated by the witty, talented, single and fortysomething Nina Davenport. We can all find a little bit of ourselves in Nina which makes this personal for anyone adjusting to the norms and challenges we face with starting a family.”

“First Comes Love is a must-see documentary for everyone who is a parent, or thinking about becoming a parent.”

“It’s an instantly likable crowd-pleaser at times on par with a Judd Apatow-produced work. Think Girls, only 15 years later and with additional heartbreak.”

“An unflinching, often hilarious, and unusually moving portrait of single parenthood in the 21st century.”

“In a city in which women often bemoan the uneven ratio of women to men—400,000 more women, according to city data—stories like Nina Davenport’s and no doubt becoming less and less unusual.”

“Old clips of her talks with her mother are haunting and lyrical; they quietely explore the intimacy, and the impenetrable mystery, of the parent-child bond.”

“A truly eye opening documentary…All parents should watch Nina Davenport’s fascinating documentary of her journey to become a mother”