Austrian Doom Jazz Post-Rock: Black Air Takes Korea

Austrian Doom Jazz Post-Rock: Black Air Takes Korea

Black Air, an Austrian Doom Jazz Post-Rock band, is getting ready for a special show and art event in Korea. Their music is a mix of heavy, distorted guitars and lighter, more atmospheric sounds. Marie Waibl, Black Air’s drummer, says that while Austria has some cool bands playing doom and post-rock music, Black Air’s style is one of a kind.

Austrian Doom Jazz Post-Rock: Feelings that are heavy but good

Austrian Doom Jazz Post-Rock: Black Air Takes Korea

The band gets ideas from how it feels to be suffocated by the world, which is a common feeling in doom music. But Black Air wants to turn this sadness into something good by finding beauty in the problems we face in life. Waibl stresses how important it is to accept life as it is, which can be strangely beautiful even when it’s hard.

Austrian Doom Jazz Post-Rock: Taking in the Night

Our band’s name, “Black Air,” comes from an Austrian word that just means “night”—a time for sleep, dreams, and peace. Even though Black Air has a lot of experience with sludge, doom, psych, and post-rock, their music is more introspective and experimental, exploring the strange dark night that surrounds us all.

Austrian Doom Jazz Post-Rock: Journey with Instruments

Black Air is an instrumental band that lets their instruments do the talking and lets people picture their own dream worlds. Waibl says that when there are no voices, the sounds and frequencies of the instruments become more important, letting the harmonies and disharmonies stand out.

Influences and Spaces on the Edge

The band’s first album, “Impending Bloom,” came out in February and has themes that are inspired by cityscapes and spaces between. Liminality, or the strangeness of nothingness, is an interesting idea that shows up in Black Air’s music. They get ideas for their songs from going to strange places in real life or in their dreams. These places feel like ghostly portals to other worlds.

Adventures in Korea

Black Air is excited to bring individual art projects to the “Hongcheon Crossing” show in Gangwon Province. They have ties to Korea through guitarist and keyboardist Florian Karg’s girlfriend, who was active in the local music scene. The band’s time in Korea is likely to have an effect on their music, giving their creative journey new directions.

Austrian Doom Jazz Post-Rock: Giving Seoul a Look at Unique Styles

This Austrian Doom Jazz Post-Rock band will play at Mudaeruk in western Seoul. They will play on September 27 with the Korean hard rock band Pakk. Waibl is excited to share the stage with Pakk and likes their distinctly different style. You can buy show tickets ahead of time for 15,000 won or at the door for 20,000 won.

Taking in Korea’s Beauty

Black Air members are excited to see Korea’s beautiful nature. And also learn about its rich culture, and eat its delicious food. Even though they have a lot going on with the art project and the show. Waibl is thankful that the Korean people made him feel welcome and enjoys the strong experience the country gives him. –koin303